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Island of Bressay Tour


Chris Dyer is a crofter who works a 20 acre holding at Garths, in the island of Bressay, focusing on native and heritage breeds. A short trip by ferry across the water from Lerwick allows a truly unique opportunity to join Chris (featured in Kate Davies blogs) on an exclusive walk through the agricultural year in Shetland, looking at the sheep – ewes, rams and lambs. White/coloured/fleckit and even katmogget! Sift through fleeces and yarn from Chris’s flock and see the principal day to day tools and equipment that are used by a Shetland crofter! Chris’s croft is mixed with heritage breed pigs (Saddleback, Tamworth and Iron Age), turkeys, hens, fruit, vegetables, trees and drystone dykes alongside his beautifully coloured sheep, so there is plenty to see.

No Tours Available

Unfortunately, I am no longer taking any tours due to changing work circumstances

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