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North West Mainland Tour

We usually begin our tour in our capital town Lerwick (Norse name meaning 'Muddy Bay') and discover why Lerwick came to be. This is also the location where in the television series 'Shetland,'detective Jimmy

Perez lives. From Lerwick we head west to our ancient capital Scalloway.

Scalloway - We will see the ancient capital of Shetland, Scalloway, which includes the castle built in 1599 by Earl Patrick Steward, the half-nephew of Mary Queen of Scots. Scalloway was also the operational base for the

'Shetland Bus', a resistance movement against the Nazi occupation of Norway in WW2.

Tingwall - A luscious, green valley, noting the Ting Holm, which for over three centuries hosted Shetland's parliament. The Tingwall loch, church and manse are the locations which tell my favourite story from one inspiring family from the past.

Voe - A place of historic significance symbolising how the demise of the Laird's control coinsided with the rise of the merchant class.

Busta House - Shetland's oldest continually lived in building, who's most illustrious inhabitant was Thomas Gifford.

Mavis Grind - Norse for 'Gate of the Narrow Isthmus' or 'Neck' takes us through the narrowest part of Shetland where they say you can throw a stone from the North Sea over to the Atlantic Ocean. The landscape in Northmavine (North of the narrow neck) is spectacularly rugged and rural.

Nibon - A winding, narrow road with stunning views.

Heylor - Nestling on the shores of Ronas Voe this was a bustling herring station over a hundred years ago, a well chosen location due to the sheltered fjord.

Tangwick Haa Museum - Our route continues into volcanic territory. The museum was at one time a laird's house and is well worth a visit.

The cliffs of Eshaness - Volcanic cliffs where in all weathers offers visitors spectacular, stunning scenery.

As with any tour in Shetland, flexibility is inbuilt, not least because of the weather. Although there are no long walks on this tour, it is advisable that visitors have adequate footwear and warm, waterproof clothing.

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Unfortunately, I am no longer taking any tours due to changing work circumstances

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