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West Mainland Tour 

Trondra and Burra - These isles are connected to the mainland by road bridges and the scenery is quite breathtaking. There are beautiful beaches, Shetland ponies and examples of traditional fishing and crofting communities. 

Tingwall - One of Shetland's three narrow limestone valleys evident by the luscious, green grass and abundance of wild flowers in the summer. We pass the Ting Holm, which for over three centuries hosted Shetland's parliament. The Loch of Tingwall, the church and the Manse are the locations which tell my favourite story from one inspiring family from the past.

Whiteness and Weisdale - Spectacular views over the Whiteness and Weisdale Voes. The remains of ruined croft houses in the Upper Weisdale valley bare testimony to the tragedy of the 19th Century clearances; sheep in, people out. 

Kergord - Home of Shetland's forest - don't blink when we pass through this as we might miss it.

Westerwick - Wonderful red granite cliffs and stacks.

Culswick Broch -  Ruins of a 2000 year old Iron age tower [Optional, about a two hour round trip walk]. 

Burn of Lunklet - Shetland's best example of a waterfall.

Staneydale Temple - A 4-5000 years old prehistoric 'Temple' ruins. [Optional, takes about 20 mins to walk there]

Scord of Brouster - A Neolithic settlement containing several oval houses and interlinked filed walls.

Dale of Walls - Beautiful scenery at the south side of Shetland's west mainland.

As with any tour in Shetland, flexibility is inbuilt, not least because of the weather. Although there are no long walks on this tour, it is advisable that visitors have adequate footwear and warm, waterproof clothing. 

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Unfortunately, I am no longer taking any tours due to changing work circumstances

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